RIP 2016: A Year in Review

After last season ending in a bit of a crash which set the tone for a fairly rough 2016 I am glad to say that the ground work has been set for a strong new year.

Last year began with a big opportunity of managing a rental shop at the local ski hill, a great chance for me to make a decent amount of money and staying involved in something I love.  How ever after breaking my collar bone my life seemed to come to a screeching halt.  I spent the second quarter of the year nursing my injury, unable to do much, so when I was presented with the opportunity to go to a paid training for a new job, of course I jumped at the chance.  Unfortunately the company I was hired by worked on a strictly commission based pay, and was pretty much only trying to sell door to door with little to no leads or support from management once you were out of the 3 week training course.

However! I did learn a few valuable lessons from that company. The biggest being that today the best way to earn lots of money is from having multiple sources of income. Having one job that runs 9-5 for a pretty strong salary or hourly pay is alright, but just not enough.  They also taught me a lot about how to stay in a positive mind set, they meant it for when you are getting shot down by angry prospective clients when you are bothering them at home, but I find I can apply it to many other aspects of my life.

Martial Arts Update! As soon as I was healed up I decided to get back to training, and that led to about a month ago I decided I was ready to tell my coach to sign me up. I am in for a fight now within the next 12 months. Could be anything from Kickboxing, to Boxing, to MMA.  I am very excited for this and I can’t wait to finally put my years of training to the test.

Lessons and boxing aside, my goals for furthering my life in the way my family (mom) want to see are continuing to build my carpentry business, focusing on selling and staying as busy as possible and hopefully hiring someone by the summer time. As well as taking on the management roll at my partners new restoration business.  Pipe dream for the year would be to get a mortgage and my own house.

Photo: Me first time back on the board since the fall, and tail pressing my way into a gnarly new year.



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