Fight Companion

Over the last few months I have been paired up with a fantastic teammate to help him prepare for an upcoming boxing match in January.  Over the course of my Martial Arts journey I have come across a wide variety of interesting characters and personalities and I am glad to be working with him.

The interesting thing about working with someone who has a firm goal in mind and a strong drive to improve is it a very contagious state of being.  We have only been working together for a couple of months now and I am already asking my coaches for advice on taking on an amateur fight.  I spoke with my coach Lindsay Garbatt a former pro-boxer and up and coming MMA fighter, and she said to just go for it.  In her opinion I am putting in enough time on the mats, and I am in good enough shape that with a date picked out and a bit of extra cross training and I should be able to hold my own.

Now the only question is if I want to go into a boxing or kickboxing match.  After years of Karate, kickboxing seems like a natural transition. However I have really only been focusing on my hand game throughout my recent training because of my training partners particular goals.




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