Collarboned (The Background)

This winter in itself was a subpar winter for snow sports in my area, and being a snowboarder this was a huge bummer.  So naturally me and a few close friends booked a trip up to Mont Tremblant up in the beautiful province of Quebec.  A short trip, just Saturday – Monday.  The Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful powder day, kind of overcast, so we were literally creating fresh tracks in the clouds.  Best day of boarding of my whole life. Unfortunately towards the end of Day Two I decided landing on my feet was boring, and dropped out of a jump on my head and shoulder.

After laying in the snow and questioning my life choices I stood up, dusted my self off and finished the last couple hundred metres of my run to meet up with my friends.  As I got to the bottom I realized I had lost all use of my left arm and sure enough, I poked around a bit and could feel my bone jutting out at an odd angle.  From that point it was a blur of stripping my gear of, being shuffled to the front of the lift line and being sent up on my own to walk myself to the Ski Patrol hut.  Dazed and disappointed I met Bob the ski patroller (I didn’t catch his last name), and Bob was fantastic.  He tied me up tight with a gorgeous sling, signed off on my lift ticket to ensure I got a refund on the rest of my trip and wished me the best of luck.  As I was afraid of, Ontario Health Cards don’t work out of province, and I would have had to pay cash for any treatments and been reimbursed later.

In comes Dan, a big beauty of an Italian and one of the best friends a guy can ask for. I’ve been friends with Dan for over 10 years now.  Dan called ahead to an old friend from Ottawa, set up a place to stay, stuffed me full of painkillers and loaded up the car.  A few hours later we were sitting the The Ottawa Hostpital waiting for an Orthopaedic Surgeon, holy moly what a process.  9 hours of sitting in the ER, a couple of XRays and I finally find out that I am not able to get surgery on the spot because I wasn’t willing to stay in the city for a week post op.

2016-02-21 21.53.31


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