The Millennial Question

Generally Facebook is unfortunately a guilty pleasure of mine, I try to avoid it but sometimes during a boring day off I fall into the vicious time sink and enjoy creeping the people of my past and present life.  To my surprise I came across a pretty great post today, a link to a man… Continue reading The Millennial Question

Collarboned (The Background)

This winter in itself was a subpar winter for snow sports in my area, and being a snowboarder this was a huge bummer.  So naturally me and a few close friends booked a trip up to Mont Tremblant up in the beautiful province of Quebec.  A short trip, just Saturday – Monday.  The Saturday morning… Continue reading Collarboned (The Background)

Recommended Article of the Week: Willpower is Overrated

I am always looking for new ways to motivate and inspire myself to further myself in both my professional and personal life.  The article Willpower is Overrated by Nicolas Velasquez  is a great insight into his opinions on how to make changes and improvements, and how powering through just with “Willpower” isn’t always the best method. Find… Continue reading Recommended Article of the Week: Willpower is Overrated